Downtown Mobility and Parking Study

The  Downtown Matthews Mobility and Parking Study (Draft-6/15/20) evaluates the needs of people walking, biking, taking transit, driving, and parking in Downtown Matthews in order to develop a clear vision for the future of traveling to, from, and around downtown. The study also evaluate how to better connect residential neighborhoods surrounding downtown. The Executive Summary is updated (6/15/20) available  here and the complete report is updated (6/15/20) available here.

April 2019: The study kicked off with a stakeholder meeting. Minutes from the Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting.

Spring 2019: An analysis of current conditions was conducted during the Spring 2019, including a parking study. Results of the Parking Inventory can be found here. Citizens were asked to complete a brief survey and provide input through an online mapping tool. Summary of the Results of the Public Input Map
May 2019: Several community meetings were held including a Public Kick-off Meeting (held May 29), a Work-In-Progress Review (held May 30 and streamed live on Facebook), and an Open Studio Public Drop-in (held on May 29, 30 and 31). Steering Committee Presentation - May 30, 2019

June 2019: The Town Board of Commissioners received an 
update on the Downtown Mobility Study update at the June 10, 2019 work session. Downtown Business Stakeholder met and walked through downtown on June 27, 2019. Minutes and Meeting Summary.

September 2019:
 Downtown Mobility Steering Committee had a meeting to review recommendations. Minutes from the meeting.

November 2019
Staff provided a Downtown Mobility Study update to the Town's Transportation Advisory Committee. Staff provided a  Downtown Mobility Study update to the Town's Planning Board in November.

January 2020: 
The Town Board met to discuss the Downtown Mobility Study with Alta Planning and Design.  

February 2020: 
The Town Board held a Public Meeting for the Downtown Mobility Study during the Board of Commissioners meeting on February 10.  The Executive Summary is available here and the complete report is available here.

March 2020:  Town staff met with residents and property owners after receiving public comments during the Town Board meeting.

July 27. 2020: Request for action by the Town Board for the Revised Study.  The action was scheduled to happen earlier, however COVID-19 has delayed the project.  The updated (6/15/20) Executive Summary is available  here and the updated (6/15/20) complete report is available here.

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