Age Friendly Matthews

Matthews was designated an AARP Age Friendly City in 2015 (the first in NC!). We are now in the next phase of the process - developing an Age Friendly Matthews Action Plan. The goal is to ensure the Town's future as an inclusive and accessible environment for people of all life stages and abilities.

AARP Roadmap to Livability
Strategies and solutions that make a community great for people of all ages.
Timeline for Completion
Our target completion date is Fall 2018. Here's our plan to reach that goal.
Action Plan Example
AARP has provided an example of an action plan.
Action Plan Strategies
AARP's guide to develop the action plan's strategies and tactics.
Macon Bibb Age Friendy Action Plan
Here's a great example of an action plan for a community similar to Matthews.
 AARP Age Friendly Survey Results: Matthews
This survey was completed in 2015. 
AARP Article on Matthews: 2016
AARP featured an article about Matthews becoming an AARP designated Age Friendly community.
World Health Organization: Age Friendly Checklist
A great resource that provides a helpful checklist of what makes an age friendly community.
AFC Action Planning Document
The elements of an action plan for an Age Friendly City.
Livable Domains Handout
Learn about the 8 Domains of Livability.
AARP AFC Program Cycle
The 5 steps of an AARP Age Friendly City.

Additional materials from  AARP are available here.


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