Citizen Volunteers

Our community is served by some tremendous citizen police volunteers. These men & women dedicate their time, their energies and their outstanding talents to assist the members of  their police department daily. 

History:  Our department ventured into this tremendous area of service and community relationship just four years years ago. What started with about six volunteers has grown into a team of nearly 20 current members. In 2015, this group provided more than 2,700 hours of volunteer service with and through our department. The really cool part is that to assure that they are led and managed by one of their own !

What Do We Do?  Where some volunteers assist in critical areas of need within the building - from staffing our front public counter & assisting with data entry, to providing invaluable support to our Evidence Technician, others assist with the multitude of community programs we provide. Volunteers assist with our in-service training & education programs, especially serving as role-play actors during practical training exercises. And then others provide active security patrols throughout the community - patrolling neighborhoods, shopping centers and our local schools. Their mobile service does not stop there; they assist with traffic direction during power outages or roadway obstructions; they assist with conducting residential security checks for citizens away from home; they assist with operational calls, from searching for missing persons to providing resource support to officers during major incidents. And you will definitely encounter them walking greenways, our downtown area, and during our town's wonderful special events.

How Can You Get Involved, You Ask?   It's very simple - just ask! Stop a volunteer and speak with them, stop into our office, or call our Community Resource Officer Tim Aycock (704-841-6754.) There is one requirement, though - to volunteer you must attend one of our Citizen Police Academies; but trust us, or just ask one of our volunteers, you'll be glad you did!


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