Service Divisions

Police PatchHow Do We Do What We Do ?  So how does our department annually respond to 43,000+ calls for service, investigating more than 2,900 crimes and 2,200 vehicle crashes? Or more importantly, how do we annually conduct and/or participate in more than 650 community service events, collect & destroy more than 600 pounds of unneeded prescription drugs, or inspect and/or install more than 1,000 child safety seats?  We achieve our mission - "...promoting a safe community by preventing crimes and reducing the fear of crime, while treating all individuals with respect..." due to the efforts of the dedicated men & women who serve our community through our department - whether full-time, part-time or volunteers.

Make-Up Of Our Department - Our fifty-eight full-time police officers, thirteen full-time support members, and twenty part-time employees work within five operational 'divisions' - each with distinctive but coordinated missions. These include our most visible team - the Patrol Division; these men & women respond to calls for police services from our community, provide crime-preventive patrols, all while doing so around the clock. The Criminal Investigations Division of ten sworn members investigate most reported felonies, all pattern crimes, and those requiring significant time and/or specialized training.  Our Communications Division, staffed by eight full-time and twelve part-time exceptionally qualified dispatchers serve as the lifeline between our citizens, our officers and our supporting emergency service agencies. Our Administrative Division, consists of our school resource, DARE and community programs, as well as our office of professional standards. And we would be lost without the dedicated service of our Citizen Volunteer Corp. These twenty men & women - citizens of our community - annually devote more than 2,700 hours of service to our community through our department.

So as you can see, it takes a community to keep our community safe. On the associated pages, you'll learn more about these service divisions -     


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