Reports, Citations & Property

Each month, our department processes more than 225 criminal incident reports, 100 criminal arrest reports, 500 citations (tickets), 160 traffic collision reports, and countless miscellaneous reports generated by members of the department. They are reviewed and audited daily, and disseminated pursuant to departmental policy and/or state law.  

What is a 'Public Record?   The portion of any criminal investigative report (i.e. Break-in, Larceny, Communicating Threats, etc.) that identifies juvenile information, suspects (unless criminally charged), or any criminal investigative notes is not public record and cannot be released without direction from the court. Additionally, any report that, by identifying a reporting person or victim may place them in jeopardy also may be withheld. The public record portion provides the basic information necessary for insurance companies to initiate the processing of claims.
          >  > How Do I Obtain Copy of a Report?  You may stop by the station during normal business hours , though call first to make sure it is available. Most reports are available within 48 business hours of the date it was taken. There is no charge for copies of individual reports obtained in person at the police department. You may also obtain a copy of a crash report online - by clicking here - for a fee of $2.00. For Incident Reports, you would need to come in person during normal business hours or call Records at: 704-841-6701. A public version of the report is all that is released, this will NOT include suspect information or Officer notes. Incident reports that will NOT be released are: Juvenile, domestic related, any type of sexual assault, or any case that is still an open investigation.
          >  > Where Can I Find Crime Statistic Reports?  While you can easily view locations and/or obtain alerts of any criminal incidents reported through our 'Crime Map / Alerts' page, our staff can produce a report of crimes occurring in and around your neighborhood at no cost. While it may take time to produce such reports, we will gladly assist you with this information. You may make this request either by contacting our Records Office at 704-841-6701.
          >  > Where Can I Obtain a Copy of My Criminal Arrest Report?  To obtain a full statewide report, for employment or background purposes, you must either obtain them through the Sheriff's Office of the county where you live (here's a link to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office), or obtain them through various Internet-based companies. We can only provide you, in person, with a certified report of any criminal arrests processed by our department. 

Why Are Vehicles Towed?  Most commonly, vehicles are towed after vehicle crashes. In most cases, the vehicle driver determines where the vehicle is to be towed and Vehicle Tow Release forms are not required. Officers may also direct vehicles to be towed after the driver is arrested, or when the vehicle is found abandoned or recovered after having been stolen. In these cases, the vehicle owner is notified and advised that a 'Vehicle Tow Release' form must be obtained from the police department in order to retrieve their vehicle.
          >  > How Do I Obtain a 'Vehicle (Tow) Release Form'?   The form must be picked up by the registered owner of the vehicle at the police department, but the owner should first call the Records Office (704-845-1973) during normal business hours to make sure it is available. The vehicle owner can allow someone else to retrieve the form & vehicle, but that person must present a notarized letter of authorization from the owner. 

How Do I Handle Citations (Tickets)?  Whether issued for a traffic violation or a minor criminal offense (i.e. shoplifting), once issued only the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office can change or dismiss charges in advance of court. Many charges can be 'paid' in advance without a court appearance while others require a court appearance. The issuing officer should provide court information and possible options.
          >   > Can I Handle Traffic Citations/Tickets On-Line?  Possibly - there is an on-line application -   by clicking here using Internet Explorer - that will provide 'eligible' drivers an opportunity to resolve certain traffic citations without having to make a court appearance. Examples of eligible charges for dismissal or reduction include: expired inspection; expired registration; expired driver's license (expired less than 60 days); certain insurance charges; and some speeding charges. You must use this service at least 14 days prior to their court date and if you received a citation with two charges, the online service cannot be used. 

Why Is Personal Property Held By The Police?  The police are authorized (required) by law to seize property which is evidence of a crime, or 'found' items where the owner is not immediately known. If subject to a criminal investigation, the item(s) can only be released when directed by the court. For found property, items of value where owners cannot be identified or found may either be donated to a local non-profit organization (bikes) or sold through an on-line auction
          >  > How & When Can I Retrieve My Seized / Found Property?  Property seized pursuant to a criminal investigation will only be released upon the presentation of a Disposition Report provided by the court. Found property, like bicycles, may be retrieved upon proof of ownership. If you believe we have property that may be released as described above, you must contact our Evidence Custodian at (704) 841-6707 to schedule a time to retrieve your property

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