Jay Camp, AICP
Planning Director
Jay coordinates the departmental activities to assure projects move to efficient completion. He prepares and oversees long-range planning and visioning processes for the Town such as the Land Use Plan, Composite Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, and Small Area Plans, and drafts new code language when necessary. This includes extensive research and writing, management, participation in multi-agency committees, and review of departmental activities.

Robert Will, AICP
Senior Planner/Zoning Administrator
Rob serves as the Town's professional planner providing technical assistance to the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Adjustment. Rob is also the primary contact for any new development proposals. When such development proposals require zoning action to proceed Rob assists them through the application process. As the Town's designated Zoning Administrator, he writes formal interpretations of the Town's development code.

Darin Hallman, CZO
Darin maintains digital files and mapping as well as handling various zoning cases and planning projects. He enjoys the challenges of taking raw data and creating a document that visually relates information others can understand and use. He consistently works with the Matthews Police Department to verify their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system has accurate street address data.

Carlo McKoy
Code Enforcement Officer
Carlo may be the most visible member of the Planning & Development Department to the general public. Carlo meets regularly with residents, business owners, managers, and property owners about possible violations of various Town codes. If he verifies there is a violation, he attempts to speak in person with the affected person or property owner, then follows up with a written notice. The vast majority of violations get resolved quickly. Many times violations occur simply because the person did not know the local law did not allow certain signs or uses in certain places.

Shana Robertson
Senior Administrative Specialist/Deputy Town Clerk
Shana is the voice or smiling face that greets most walk-in or phone call visitors to the department. Shana is generally the initial person to help a citizen who calls or comes in to Town offices seeking general zoning or development-related information. She continually maintains and updates the Planning & Development Department website. Shana's role as Deputy Town Clerk includes dealing with any items that come up in the Clerk's absence.


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