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Density and Multi-Family

“How Prevalent is Multifamily Throughout the Charlotte Region?” 12-14-15

“In Charlotte Housing Debate, Let’s Look at Underlying Factors” 2-2-16

“The Deception of Density” 10-26-16

 “The ‘Missing Middle’ Affordable Housing Solution” 1-13-17

 “What’s Right for the Site: Analyzing the Missing Middle” 10-9-17

 “Housing Market Trends: 2017 Year in Review, 2018 Outlook” 12-19-17

 “Density’s Next Frontier: The Suburbs” 2-1-18 


Affordable, Workforce, or Inclusive Housing

"There's a brilliant $150 million "Teachers Village" in Newark" 2-1-18

"In No State Can Minimum-Wage Workers Afford a Two-Bedroom Rental" 6-13-18

"Here's how many hours at minimum wage you need to work to afford a Charlotte apartment" 6-14-18

“2017 Housing Market Forecasts – Suburbs Are In, Low Mortgage Rates Are Out” 12-19-16

“Strength Test #7: Does Your Town Have Real Housing Options?” 3-16-17

 “Buying in America: Zillow Report in 2017”

 “Land Rush Ahead of I-70 Overhaul Spurs Residents to Protect Their Neighborhood” 7-19-17

 “How Can We Keep Housing Affordable?” 8-23-17

 “Affordable Housing Seems Like an Intractable Problem. Can These New Strategies Help?” 9-14-17

 “New Denver Affordable Housing Plan Faces Questions About How City Will Help Residents Being Pushed Out” 9-29-17

 “Why Cities Must Become Affordable for the Middle Class” 10-24-17

 “Officials Describe Wake County as Affordable Housing Desert, Crisis” 11-14-17

 “Home Values Are Spiking Wildly in West Denver. Are Hundreds of Backyard Cottages Part of the Affordability Solution?”  11-29-17

 “Wake Commissioners Consider ‘Granny Flats’ to Alleviate Affordable Housing Shortage” 12-4-17

"Suburbs See Apartment-Building Boom" 9-18



Rent or Own?


“Wake Commissioner: ‘Granny Flats’ Could Provide Low-Cost Rentals In Raleigh” 11-20-17

“The Rise of the Single-Family Rental” 1-4-18

 “Downsizing baby boomers face a key decision: Is it better to rent or to buy?” 1-21-18

  “The Rent Is Getting Too Damn High” 1-25-18   

“Single-Family Rentals Outpace Apartment Rentals in 22 of 30 Largest US Cities” 4-11-18, Lauren Shanesy, Multifamily Executive

Big Jump in Americans Saying Renting Is Cheaper Than Owning" 10-16-18


Being a Walkable Community

“What Does A Walkable Street Look Like?” Blog Post 1-24-18

“Why Walkable Streets are More Economically Productive” 1-18-18    

 “What Does a Walkable Street Look Like?"1-24-18

How to Make Scooters in Cities Safer" 9-6-18

"Electric Bicycles Race Ahead of City and State Rules" 8-30-18

Walkable Suburbia" 9-6-18


Transportation Networks


 “ Electric Vehicles: You Can’t Plan for Transportation’s Future by Looking Backward” 2-14-17

  “Everyone Knows We Have a Traffic Problem” 3-16-17

 “Dallas Gives Green Light to New Transportation Management System” 2-6-18

 “How Texas Cities Plan to Deal with Disruptive Bike-Shares” 3-12-18



Autonomous or Driverless Vehicles

“Connected Cars Are Coming (and soon). Is Your City Ready For Them?”  6-10-16

 “Considerable Uncertainty Surrounds the Future of Driverless Vehicles” 9-12-17

“Autonomous Vehicles: Zoning, Land Use, and Infrastructure Issues to Consider Right Now” 10-23-17

“Opinion: There Are Bigger Changes on the Way for Cities Than Self-Driving Cars” 2-7-18

“Growth in Electric Car Ownership Presents Challenges to the Grid” 3-12-18        

TOPIC: Placemaking

Development Issues

“Growing Small: How Smaller, Infill Urban Developments Are Making a Big Difference” 2-16-16

“Selling Smart Growth” blogpost by Todd Litman 5-10-16

“As metro Atlanta grows, development creeps into existing subdivisions” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, posted 5-26-17

  “Is Wall Street Upending Nashville Neighborhoods? These Professors Want to Know” on USA Today Network -- Tennessee, by Mike Reicher, published 10-13-17

“The Quiet Revolution Happening in the Suburbs” 12-17

“Raleigh, N.C., Considers Public-Private Partnerships for Improving Infrastructure” 1-17-18


TOPIC: Placemaking

Urban Design

"Young couples and retirees ditch the city for a new kind of suburb" 7-6-18

“A Defense of the Suburbs”  6-6-18

“Municipal Placemaking Mistakes” Series 2012

 “Porches, Walkability, and Sustainability” blogpost 2013

“How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness” 7-26-13

“Concord Riverwalk, West Concord, Mass.” 9-5-14

Walk Appeal”“Walk Appeal Impact”, and  “Walk Appeal Immeasurables” 2015

“Sprawl Recovery – A 12-Step Program” 2015

“Better Streets: Whatchu Whatchu Whatchu Want?” 4-6-15

  “Walkability: It’s Not About the Buildings, or Even the Streets.  It’s About the Experience” 9-14-15

 “Woonerf: Inclusive and Livable Dutch Street” 12-7-15

“Why Urban Parks Are Essential Infrastructure” 1-24-17

“The American suburbs are the next fertile ground for architectural and urban experimentation” editorial 2-2-17

“Indianapolis Green Space Design Features a Highway View” 5-25-17

“How Cities Get ‘Granny Flats’ Wrong” 11-22-17

“Do Green Buildings Really Matter? (Hint: Far More Than You Might Think)” 2-8-18

“Fostering Social Interaction for All Ages” blogpost 2-12-18

“Should Mecklenburg Farms Get More Protection? Here’s How That Could Happen” 2-12-18

“Eleven Principles For Creating Great Community Places” undated, Project for Public Spaces

TOPIC: Placemaking

The “New” Industrial Uses

“Economic Opportunity and Small-Scale Manufacturing” 6-23-14

“Small-Scale Manufacturers: Creating Good Jobs, Great Products, and Vibrant Neighborhoods” 11-21-16


TOPIC: What’s Coming Soon


"Why aren't millennials buying houses?" 6-11-18

"Mayors get a crash course on what resonates with millennials" 6-11-18

“5 facts about Millennial households” 9-6-17

“Younger Residents Driving Development Decisions” 6-5-14

 “Young Americans: Yearning for the Suburbs, Stuck in the City” 1-27-15

“Millennials Overtake Baby Boomers as America’s Largest Generation” 4-25-16

“Millennials Look to the Suburbs, Not Cities, For First Homes” 6-21-16

“Peak Millennial? Cities Can’t Assume a Continued Boost From the Young” 1-23-17

“When It Comes to Moving, Millennials Are Stuck in the Mud” 2-14-17

“Inclusionary Housing Policies Attract Millennials” 2-22-17       

“Older Millennials are Leaving the City for a New Kind of Suburb” 8-7-17

The Under-studied Reason why Millennial Couples are Clustering in Supercities" 6-13-18

"The housing crisis isn’t just about affordability—it’s about economic mobility, too" 4-24-18

"The Millennial Economy 2018"


TOPIC: What’s Coming Soon

Wireless Technology

“Power Up Anywhere with Solar Charging Stations” 7-15-15

“Will Property Rights Control the Future of Telecommunications Infrastructure?” 3-21-17

“Solar phone charging station added to Downtown Newton” 6-22-17

“Smart Billboards as a Natural Next Step for Public Advertisers” 9-26-17

“Building Upon a Decade of Deploying Small-Cell Solutions to Improve Connectivity” 1-21-18


TOPIC: Economic Development

“The (Non-traditional) Plaza Midwood Coworking Space You Probably Haven’t Heard Of” 8-17-16    

“How to Encourage Entrepreneurship in Your Town” 12-7-16          

“10 Things Small Businesses Need to Thrive” 10-12-17        

“Low-Cost Pop-Up Shops Create Big Value in Muskegon Michigan” 2-20-18



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