Code Enforcement

If you observe what appears to be activity that you do not think is allowed by local regulations you may call, e-mail or write to the Code Enforcement Officer. It is helpful to use the  standard form and provide as much detail as possible.
If you wish to be kept informed about the follow-up actions being taken, please be sure to leave your name and phone number or email address. You may also request that your identity is kept confidential from the person/business being investigated. 
Overgrown Vegetation and Junk Accumulation [Chapter 94]
The Town has a Public Nuisance ordinance which prohibits the existence of the following conditions: the growth of weeds and/or grass that exceeds an average height of twelve inches across the entire property; the accumulation of trash, junk, or rubbish; the accumulation of animal or vegetable matter whose smell is offensive; or any condition that violates the rules and regulations of the County Health Department.
Once a complaint has been filed it will be investigated by Code Enforcement. Property owners/occupants will be notified when violations are found to exist. Failure to correct the violation may result in a Town action to abate the violation.
In cases of illegal dumping it is the property owner's responsibility to remove the debris. If you witness illegal dumping, please notify the Matthews Police Department.
Abandoned, Junk and Nuisance Vehicles [Chapter 90]
An abandoned vehicle is a motor vehicle left on a public street in a no parking zone, left on a public street for more than seven days, left on Town owned property for greater than 24 hours or left on private property without the consent of the owner, occupant or lessee for longer than two (2) hours. Vehicles may be removed without notice if they violate the Abandoned Vehicle ordinance. Contact the Matthews Police Department non-emergency number (704-847-4069) regarding abandoned vehicles.
A junk motor vehicle is a vehicle parked on private property that does not display a current license plate and is inoperable, or wrecked or missing parts, or has flat tires, and has a value of $100 or less. A resident may store one junk vehicle on his property if it is kept in the back yard and is entirely covered by a car cover, tarp, or in a garage. Vehicles violating this ordinance may be towed after proper notice is given to the property owner and/or the owner of the vehicle.
A nuisance motor vehicle is a vehicle that presents a public health or safety hazard, a public nuisance, and unlawful, such as a vehicle that is determined to be, among other things, a breeding ground for insects or pests, a point of collection for vegetation over eight inches (8") in height, a collection point for pools of water, or one which has sharp parts or contains sharp edges of metal or glass.
Contact the Matthews Code Enforcement Officer regarding junk and nuisance vehicles.
Personal Automobile Sales
Personal automobiles may be sold from a person's residence if the vehicle is owned by the homeowner. Automobiles cannot be sold from vacant lots, streets, Town-owned property, or private property that is not developed for the express purpose of selling automobiles. Persons in violation of this regulation may have their cars towed and/or may receive a civil citation.
Materials Stored Outside a Structure [Chapter 90]
It is unlawful for persons to store dilapidated furniture, appliances, machinery, equipment, building materials or other items that are rusted, wrecked, dismantled, or in an inoperative condition outside a building. If the items are not removed by the property owner then they may be removed by Town employees or by a private contractor. The cost of removal will become a lien on the property.
Signs [Chapter 6, Section 608]
The posting of signs on utility poles, trees, traffic lights or traffic signs is prohibited.
Temporary Signs [155.608.8.]
  • Temporary signs for businesses may be placed on the business property for a total of sixty (60) days during a calendar year.
  • There must be a fourteen (14) day minimum between displays of different signs.
  • Signs can be attached or freestanding and may be up to sixteen (16) square feet in size.
  • These signs do not require a building permit but must be registered with Town Hall.
  • Signs displayed beyond registered dates are subject to civil citation and fines without a warning notice.
Real Estate Signs [155.608.6.F]
  • Signs advertising property for sale, lease, or rent may only be placed on the property being advertised.
  • Signs may not be in a road right-of-way or near a drive where visibility could be impaired. Size of signs allowed is based on width of the property being advertised.
  • Signs on corner lots must be set back fifty feet from an intersection.
  • Signs that have been posted on public property in a right-of-way or within an intersection site triangle will be removed.
Contractor Signs [155.608.6.O and 155.608.8.C.]
Property owners may allow contractors on their property to place a sign advertising the contractor's business while work is being performed. The sign may be up to four square feet in area and remain in place for no longer than thirty days. The property owner is required to obtain a registration from the Town.
Permanent Signs [155.608]
Refer to Matthews Unified Development Ordinance 155.608.10 - 155.608.16. Applications for sign permits are reviewed by Matthews Planning staff for compliance with any zoning or related plans that may be in place for the specific site. Once approved, sign permits may then be issued by the Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency.

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