Vendor Information

Below are the guidelines for invoicing and receiving payments from the Town of Matthews. Following these guidelines will ensure vendor payments are processed in a timely and efficient manner.


  1. There are two options for submitting invoices to the Town. With either option you choose, please send one copy only of each invoice.
    1. Option 1 – email your invoices to If you choose this option, do not mail invoices. (Address to be formatted the same as option 2, even if emailing.)
    2. Option 2 – mail your invoices:

      Town of Matthews

      Attn: Accounts Payable

      232 Matthews Station Street

      Matthews, NC 28105


  2. If your invoice includes a SHIP TO address, please continue to use the actual address where goods or services are delivered. For example, your invoice may appear as shown below:


    Billing Address                                             Ship to

    Town of Matthews                                          Matthews Police Department

    Attn: Accounts Payable                                  1201 Crews Road

    232 Matthews Station Street                          Matthews, NC 28105

    Matthews, NC 28105


  3. The Town of Matthews is not exempt from sales tax. Please include all applicable State and County sales taxes on your invoices. Taxes must be on a separate line(s) on the invoice and not combined with the cost of goods or shipping/freight costs.


  4. The Town offers electronic funds transfers (EFT) for payment of invoices. To obtain the EFT Authorization form, please email Brian Lee, We encourage all vendors to take advantage of this secure, efficient method of payment. The form is included in this packet for your convenience.


Before payments can be processed, all vendors must complete a Town of Matthews Vendor Application and a form W-9 to ensure IRS compliance. 

The Town of Matthews Vendor Application can be found here. Please submit following the instructions on the packet. 

New and Existing Vendor Information 

All general questions related to general billing or purchase orders should be directed to Brian Lee at ( 

Below are Forms for New Vendors and Vendors Updating Information. All form changes should be submitted to

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