Street Construction and Maintenance

There are three types of streets in the Town of Matthews- those maintained by the Town of Matthews, those maintained by NCDOT and private streets. Please see the Powell Bill Map and  Powell Bill Street Listing (current as of 7/1/20) to determine whether a street is private, Town-Maintained, or NCDOT-Maintained.

NCDOT maintains most of the larger roadways in Matthews, such as I-485, Independence Boulevard, Highway 51 (Matthews Township Parkway) and some of Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Idlewild Road, Margaret-Wallace Road, portions of Sam Newell Road, South Trade Street, Weddington Road and McKee Road. For issues with these roadways, please contact NCDOT's County Maintenance Engineer at 980-523-0160. For current NCDOT projects under construction, contact the local Resident Engineer's Office at 704-845-1151. For future NCDOT projects, contact the District Engineer's Office at 980-523-0000.

There are very few private streets in Matthews. The majority of private streets are in developments currently under construction. Once the development has reached 80% build-out (80% of the buildings are occupied), the developer can petition Matthews to take over maintenance of the road. Maintenance of private streets are the responsibility of the developer, homeowner's association, or the residents living on the road.

For a comprehensive list of Town-maintained roads, please see the Powell Bill Street listing.

The Street Division is tasked with building new streets and maintaining the existing street system. Typical maintenance includes crack sealing, full-depth patching and resurfacing.

To report a pothole on a State street click here to contact NCDOT.

To report a pothole or other street problem  e-mail the Street Supervisor or call 704-708-1279.

The Town also constructs and maintains sidewalks throughout Matthews.  Please click on the 2012 Sidewalk Map for a map showing streets that currently have sidewalks as well as a long-term plan on where the Town would like sidewalks in the future.

Street Lighting

The Matthews Public Works Department provides street lighting on residential streets and thoroughfares through contracts with Duke Power and Union Power, depending on location. The Town budgets approximately $300,000 each year simply for street lighting energy bills.

When street lights are out, citizens who use Duke Energy, can contact Duke Energy to report the street light outage at
  Duke Street light outage or contact Duke energy at 1-800-769-3766. 

If you use Union Power, you may report the street light outage at Union Power street light outage
or contact Union Power at 704-289-3145.

The normal policy of both companies is to repair burned out lights within 5 business days, unless there are specific wiring problems. If underground wiring is an issue then the policy is up to 10 business days.

Citizens and subdivisions requesting new or additional lights may follow the Town Street Lighting Policy  to make these requests.

Traffic Signals

Most all traffic signals in Matthews are under the control of the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT). All issues relating to maintenance, repair and timing are handled by the NCDOT. Exceptions are the signals at NC 51 and Elizabeth, NC 51 and Alexander, Monroe Road and Gander Cove Lane, and Margaret Wallace and Sam Newell, which are controlled and maintained by the City of Charlotte.

Signal problems can be reported to us at 704-847-3640, where they are forwarded to the NCDOT or CDOT. Or, they can be reported directly to the NCDOT at 704-244-8273 or Charlotte signals can be reported to 311.

Driveway Permits

Driveway Permit Application must be completed and approved for any new driveway, or any change to an existing driveway, connecting to a Town street. A $75 permit fee is required per the Town's fee schedule.

blanket Driveway Permit Application must be completed and approved for any new subdivision which includes any existing or proposed future Town street(s). This blanket permit will cover any new driveway within the subdivision for two (2) years. A $150 permit fee is required per the Town's fee schedule. A separate Driveway Permit Application must be completed and approved for any new driveways installed after two years from the approval date of the blanket permit.

Any new driveways connecting to a State road must be permitted through the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). They may be reached at 980-523-0000.

Utility Construction in Matthews Right of Way

For Utilities that are planning any construction in a right of way, please visit our Other utilities section.

Winter Storms

Whereas the northeast is known as the Snowbelt, the mid-Atlantic area is commonly referred to as the ice belt.  This is an apt name as much of our winter precipitation takes the form as sleet, freezing rain, or rain that turns to ice once temperatures drop.  This can be problematic as ice tends to cause more power outages and is definitely harder to drive on than snow.

The Town of Matthews is well-equipped to handle our winter events.  We have two dump trucks and a pickup truck, each with a plow and salt spreader, as well as three more pickup trucks with plows to help keep our roads clean.  We also have a pickup truck equipped to spray brine, a saltwater that helps to keep snow and ice from sticking to the roads, which make them easier to clear.

In preparation for a typical winter storm, we will check our trucks, generators and small equipment, such as chainsaws, to make sure that they are fueled and functioning properly.  The day before, unless the forecast calls for rain first, we spray brine on bridges, overpasses, major roads, and areas in Town that have steep hills or sharp curves.  You can see the areas that are typically sprayed with brine on our 2017 Brine Routes Map.

Once a storm has started, we have two teams of people who work on 12-hour shifts to plow the roads.  Similar to the brine, we target major roads and dangerous areas first. These are the primary routes shown on our   2017 Snow Plow Routes Map.  Once the storm has subsided enough that we can keep the primary routes clear, we work to clear the secondary routes.


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