Crime Map & Alerts

BE AWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON: The Matthews Police Department and LexisNexis have partnered to provide a new way for our community to stay informed about crime in our community. This online community crime map analyzes crime data, alerts citizens about crimes in their area, and most importantly allows the Matthews Police Department to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur. You can view a map with all of the crimes in your area, generate various reports, The information is updated daily. We hope you find this service helpful and encourage you to explore all of its capabilities. 

SIGN UP FOR REPORTS & ALERTS: You can also sign up for periodic (daily, weekly, etc.) e-mailed reports of criminal incidents. Just click the "Sign Up For Crime Alerts" button and follow the prompts. This free service allows you to select the types and locations of reports received and the frequency of the reports. Please try it!

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY: To access the North Carolina Department of Public Safety's sex offender registry, and to sign up for e-mail alerts should registrants move into your area, just click here to visit that site.

Note: This community crime map only displays incidents in which a Criminal Incident Report or Criminal Arrest Report has been completed. It does not include 'Miscellaneous Incidents' such as traffic stops, traffic crashes, alarm calls, etc. where no criminal incident was recorded.



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