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We hope that within this section, you will find the information you need regarding the local Ordinances and/or State Laws that are essential in maintaining a safe and enjoyable community. If you do not find what you're looking for, please contact us through any of the means listed within this site.

 NOTE: To view the associated Ordinance or State Law, just click on the Law Iconicon beside the applicable section.
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 ALARM ORDINANCE - The Town of Matthews enacted this ordinance to reduce the excessive number of 'false' alarm calls received by our police and fire departments. Annually, our departments respond to more than 2,000 alarm calls, more than 70% of those being 'false alarms'. The ordinance requires all alarm systems to be registered with the town, and assesses civil fines for 'excessive' false alarms.      
  >  Registration Form:  To access a free registration form for RESIDENTIAL property, just click here to complete & submit the application
>  Registration Form:  To access a free registration form for COMMERCIAL property,  click here to complete & submit the application.
>  Payment of Fines:  Payments should be delivered or mailed as indicated on the Invoice.
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 DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS - This ordinance prohibits the discharge of firearms, to include bows & arrows, within the town limits unless having obtained a permit from the Town Council. The police department will conduct a background check on the applicant and conduct a safety inspection of the property requested in the permit application. If issued, the permit will describe the requirements & restrictions of use. Citizens are still responsible for complying with all other state laws & N.C. Wildlife guidelines.       
     >  Permit Application: To access a free application form, just  click here & submit as described on the form.
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 CHILD SAFETY (HELMET) ORDINANCE - Children & youth under the age of 16 are required to wear approved safety helmets anytime riding a wheeled instrument (bike, skateboard, etc.) upon a sidewalk, street or any public property. The police department also holds periodic bike safety programs. If you are interested in hosting of learning about such an event, please contact our Community Resource Officer. 
Law Icon   CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY LAW - North Carolina has specific laws regulating how passengers under the age of 16 can ride in a vehicle. More information about these laws can be found on the provided BuckleUpNC web site. Through our partnership with   SafeKids of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, we host weekly (free) clinics where certified officers inspect & install child safety seats.
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 GRADUATED DRIVER'S LICENSE INFORMATION - North Carolina has a system in place to allow new drivers to be introduced to the driving privilege slowly as they gain experience. For more information about this process, check out the NC DOT's site. 
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 NOISE / AMPLIFIED SOUND ORDINANCE;- This ordinance describes the community standards for reasonable sound & noise levels, designates absolute (decibel) limits for certain sounds, and established a permit process through which citizens can obtain permits for special events utilizing amplified sound systems.
     >  Permit Application:  To access a free application form, just click here & submit as described on the form.
Law Icon   SOLICITATION CONTROL ORDINANCE - This ordinance describes the requirement for charitable organizations wishing to solicit donations within the public rights-of-way. Permits are issued by the Town Council are only provided after the police department conducts criminal history checks on all participating individuals
    >  Permit Application:  To access an application form, just click here & submit as described on the form.
Law Icon   PEDDLERS & ITINERANT MERCHANTS - Any person or business wishing to sell products or services either door-to-door or at any temporary location (i.e. parking lots) must first obtain a permit from the Town. Applicants must submit to a criminal history check and permits issued, which include a photo of the permit holder, must be worn or immediately presented when approaching any citizen. Permits are required of each individual selling or marketing products or services in this fashion.
    >  Permit Application:  To access an application form, just click here & submit as described on the form.


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