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Welcome to Matthews. We are glad you have chosen our Town as the site of your business. To do business in Matthews no privilege license is needed. If your business is home based please contact the LUESA South Office 704-336-7600 to obtain a Change of Use Permit. This is a requirement for Mecklenburg County.

Offices to Contact When Starting a New Business

When starting a new business the applicant MUST contact the following offices for the applicable reason stated.

Offices  Reason
 Planning & Development
232 Matthews Station Street
 For sign permits and to make determination of conformity according to zoning regulations. All businesses must meet these standards for each type of business being conducted.
 Environmental Health
700 North Tryon Street
 To obtain a sanitation permit for the sale of food items.
 Alcohol Law Enforcement
500 West Trade Street
 Alcohol and Beverage Commission (ALE) (ABC) permit required for the sale of alcoholic beverages. Finance Department must view actual permits prior to issuing local Beer/Wine License.

In addition new business owners SHOULD contact the following offices for the reason(s) stated.

 Offices Reason
 Register of Deeds
720 East Fourth Street
 To register an assumed name. (GS 66-68) (Must be done in person).
 NC Department of Revenue
500 West Trade Street
 To obtain a state sales tax number for the purpose of tracking sales tax.
 Business Listing Department
700 East Stonewall Street (2nd floor)
 All businesses must list property for personal property tax in January of each year.
 Environmental Protection
700 North Tryon Street (2nd floor)
 To ensure business is in compliance with state law and local ordinances. (Painters, pressure washing, mobile auto detailing and car washing, carpet cleaning, restoration, lawn care, pushcarts and carnivals).
 Internal Revenue Service
(800)829-1040 or (800)829-3676
 To obtain Federal ID number.
 Mecklenburg Fire Marshals Office
700 North Tryon Street (Basement)
 Businesses need fire inspection to assure compliance with fire codes.
 Matthews Police Department
1201 Crews Road
 To register alarms and to provide contact information for emergency situations.

This list was developed by the Town of Matthews Finance Department. It is provided merely as a guide and does not represent an exhaustive list. It is the responsibility of the business owner to carefully investigate the regulations that affect your type of business.

For assistance in determining requirements, please contact Lindsey Wiggs at 704-708-1238 or email.

Beer and Wine License

If you are in the business of selling beer and wine, you must first obtain a permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABC). After obtaining this permit, you must apply for a beer and wine business privilege license from the Town of Matthews. The Finance Department must view actual permits prior to issuing local Beer/Wine License.

Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE)
500 West Trade Street

Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABC)

Licensing Period
The license to sell beer and wine must be purchased annually. The business year for beer and wine business privilege licenses begins on May 1, and ends April 30 of the following year. A license to sell beer and wine must be renewed no later than May 1 of each year.

Privilege License Application

Beer and Wine Business Privilege License Fees
The fee for On-Premises licenses (example: restaurants or lounges) is $30.
The fee for Off-Premises licenses (example: conv. or grocery store) is $15.

Cessation of Operations

North Carolina General Statute §105-366(d)(1)(a) requires notification to the Tax Collector 48 hours prior to going out of business or the transfer of or pending sale to another party. Businesses are requested to complete the Cessation of Operations form and submit to the Finance Department at 232 Matthews Station S., Matthews, NC 28105.

Cessation of Operations form

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