Historic Preservation Advisory Committee


The Matthews Historic Preservation Advisory Committee focuses on the preservation of properties and artifacts, education of the community, and partnerships with municipal and civic organizations, including the Matthews Historical Foundation and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission, to advance the cause of historic preservation.


The Committee is composed of seven (7) members appointed by the Matthews Board of Commissioners, three of whom are board members of the Matthews Historical Foundation. A member does not necessarily have to be a resident of the Town of Matthews. A staff member acts as liaison to the Committee.


Meetings of the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee are held as needed at the Town Hall. Meeting dates and times will be published in advance. All meetings are open to the public and conform to the North Carolina Open Meetings Law. 

Appointment Term:

Members of the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee serve two-year terms, without a limit on the number of terms a member may serve.


Members who fail to attend two consecutive meetings during any one-year period may be removed. The Chairperson shall notify the Matthews Town Board of Commissioners of any member who shall so fail to attend. The vacancy can be filled, upon recommendation of the Committee liaison and Chairperson, by the Matthews Town Board of Commissioners.

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