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Matthews Celebrates National Community Planning Month

October 2017


Calling families and friends to get together and be community planners for an hour!!  Then tell us what you discover!

October is National Community Planning Month, and this year Matthews has a group activity for you to do to help us celebrate.

Get your family members together, or a group of neighbors or friends, for an hour to investigate a street intersection in Matthews.  Then send us your conclusions.  We’ll post submissions on the Planning & Development Department webpage here under “What’s New!”  Maybe your suggestions will be implemented!

Here’s what your family or group can do:

1) Select a specific street intersection
.  It can be at the entrance to a neighborhood, in downtown, along a main road corridor, or anywhere that is safe for your size group to stand for a while.  Ideally, you should have between three and nine people at any one location.  Your group may choose to fill out the answers individually, in pairs, or all together especially if younger children are a part of your team.

2) Arrive as a group at the designated intersection
.  Hand out the list of “Taking It In” questions to each participant, along with something stiff to write on and a pen or pencil. Everyone can then spend about ten minutes looking at the intersection.  Using the list of “Taking It In” questions, write down what you see, being careful to only list factual observations, and do not try to arrive at any judgments or conclusions at this time.

3) Review everyone’s answers
.  When everyone has had time to do their observations, let each person talk about what they noticed as they looked around the intersection.  How many items did everyone include on their lists?  Did anyone note something no one else realized was there?

4) Consider the impacts or effects of what you saw
.  Hand out the “How Do These Items Impact This Intersection?” page to each participant, and take about 15 minutes to think about how this intersection is used by different people – examples might include people in cars, truck drivers, police officers, someone waiting at a bus stop, a group of children going to school or to an ice cream store, someone in a wheelchair, or someone who is blind.

5) Compare your answers.
  Again, let each person share their thoughts.  How many different ways might this intersection be used?

6) Fix a problem
.  Hand out the blank "intersection drawing" page to each participant.  Work together to come up with one or more revisions to the intersection that you all agree will make it function more safely and efficiently.  As you discuss this, ask each other why they would make certain changes and who would be impacted by them.  If something is changed to make it easier for one type of user, will it make another one have to wait longer to cross, or make it more difficult to make a turn, or some other unintended result?

7) Send us your group’s intersection page with suggested changes.
  Family and group responses will be posted on the Town Planning & Development Department webpage through the month of October.  Send to, or to Planning & Development Dept, 232 Matthews Station St, Matthews NC 28105.

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